Board of Directors

Maj K. Wainwright

Deputy Chairman

T. Malinda Simmons-

Programme Director

Evereth Richardson


Eileen Rodrigues


Our Story

The purpose of the AH! TEMPO Show Choir Performing Arts Programme is to promote the development, education and instruction in academic, cultural, musical, and artistic disciplines, and to provide a platform for Bermudian composers to create original compilations of work aligned with Show Choir Standards, to be performed by youth internationally. 

AH! TEMPO’s goal is to have a SCHOOL THAT XXXXXX and that provides afterschool programming for the gifted and talented in the arts. Hence, the AH! TEMPO’s Board of Directors had this vision and created QUEST, to xxxxxxxxxxx.  At the QUEST Academy students will experience the following classes developing their instrument Vocal Technique, Vocal Styles, Sight Reading Music, Choral Choreography, and Theatre Production.

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