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Quality Unique Education for Students of Talent

The Bermuda community has long recognized that gifted and talented students require specialized educational experiences to promote the development and expression of their full potential.


QUEST endeavors to provide a high-quality gifted and talented educational environment tailored to meet the needs of this type of learner.  For the majority of students at the upper end of the mental and creative ability continuum, a regular education programme is insufficient.


This it is long overdue for Bermuda's highly-able learners to experience a curriculum specifically designed to meet their educational needs while discovering their purpose.


We believe that all students perform best when their learning environment is most appropriate to their unique needs.


Therefore, QUEST will offer a full continuum of curriculum uniquely designed to meet the needs of gifted and talented learners in grades 3 through 12.


The primary objective is to provide parents and students of Bermuda with another option in the educational market as not all children learn the same nor require a "one size fits all" approach to learning. 

Secondly, to provide a 21st Century, technology-based, rich learning environment that is more reflective of today’s modern world of work which will prepare the learner for a successful future.

Students will embark upon learning via their areas of passion and interest, and fosters responsible risk in a collaborative creative environment.

Additionally, QUEST is a non-profit school founded on Christian principles.

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