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Board of Directors

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Maj K. Wainwright

Deputy Chairman

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T. Malinda Simmons-

Programme Director

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Evereth Richardson


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Eileen Rodrigues


Our Story

AH! TEMPO, a Company by Guarantee, with charity status was established in 1997 as an umbrella company to capitalize upon the success of both AH! TEMPO, formerly the Bermuda Show Choir Programme, and AH! TEMPO Publishing. As the company grew and developed,  its vision expanded to provide other offerings to Bermuda’s youth to meet their needs in three areas:

  1.     AH! TEMPO Show Choir Performing Arts was founded in 1995 as an after school programme  to promote development, education and instruction in academic, cultural, musical, and artistic disciplines.  We offer a comprehensive choral programme for youth from the ages of 8-14, with specific training in: Vocal Styles, Vocal Technique, Sight Reading Music, Music Theory, Choreography, Costume /Prop Making and Drama

  2.     QUEST -  a school for gifted and talented students aged 9 -18 years old who will be offered a full continuum of curriculum uniquely designed to meet their needs academically, artistically and in leadership.  QUEST's mission is to challenge and inspire gifted and talented learners to problem solve, collaborate, create, investigate, innovate, develop character, global communication skills, and leadership to impact the world.   

  3.     PUBLISHING - Original body of work produced by AH! TEMPO Show Choir Performing Arts, based on an educational theme and includes original songs for young singers ages 9-14, inclusive of a dramatic script, choreography and production notes will be copyrighted and published. AH! TEMPO will maintain the initial performance rights of the finished product which will be available for sale

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