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QUEST consists of two instructional programmes at each year level.  One is designed to meet the needs of the academically gifted student and the other to address those students who are artistically talented.  Both will be instructed via the IPC, IMYC and QSYC Curriculums.


QUEST will design customized schedules based on the unique needs of students who may be successful applicants in both ARISE and SOAR.

Participants are selected based on evidence of their achievement, motivation to excel, creativity, curiosity and maturity to work well independently and in small group settings.



On an annual basis, QUEST students will participate in a week long learning expedition which could include travel overseas.   

Learning Expeditions will be a 1 week interdisciplinary adventure led by a teaching team that focuses on the essential content and skills that help students experience and explore the Big Idea. Guiding questions kick off the experience with where students work with experts in the field engaging service learning and culminate with a high quality student project.

Sourced from the EL Learning website.


This off-site adventure is where learning will promote risk-taking and courage that can exist in a classroom as well as in real world settings.  

Students have experiences that are challenging and relevant, including occasions when they are on the brink of both success and failure - both are equally instructive.  Their primary purpose is to motivate students to learn important material, demonstrate what they know, improve their craftsmanship, contribute to their community, and build habits of scholarship outside of the school environment.


At the end of each project-based unit, students produce products for audiences beyond the classroom. Products include things like: scientific reports, field guides, blueprints, business plans, anthologies of writing, architectural models, or instructional posters. Products are intended to increase motivation by engaging students in real work with authentic purpose, and they require students to apply key academic skills while thinking creatively and critically.

The community at large will be invited to experience a exhibit of the products created and give feedback to the students on their product.  Schools are encouraged to also book a tour to experience Museum week. 

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