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Tuition fee per year


Annual tuition, if paid in full, one month or more before the commencement of the first school term students will receive a discount of $1,000.00. 

A Sibling rate of 10% off for each additional student of the same family will be applied at the commencement of the school year.


These discounts will only apply if tuition is paid in full by the registration deadline. Late payment will result in loss of discount.


Tuition Fee schedule


Tuition fees are charged by the school term.  There are three terms per school year:

  • Term 1 (September - December) = $6,000.00 due August 5th

  • Term 2 (January - March) = $6,000.00 due December 5th

  • Term 3 (April - June) = $6,000.00 due March 5th

Other Payment Requirements: 

  • Non-refundable Application Fee - $50.00

  • Registration Fee of $2,000.00 (first month) is due to secure students place on July 15th of each year.

  • Graduation fee of $100.00 for Grades 8 and 12 are due one month prior to the graduation date.

Payments can be made via online transfer, cash, or money order to the QUEST Office.

For direct deposit information please email

A copy of your transaction confirmation should be sent to the attention of the Accounts Office.



All QUEST fees are payable on or before the dates indicated on the Tuition Policy (at least one month before the commencement of the school term).  A non-refundable Application Fee must be paid at the time of application.  

QUEST charges for tuition, fees, and uniforms are due and payable in full, minus any authorized scholarships or Prep2Perform (P2P, work study) Program earned credit, by the end of the official ARISE or SOAR Annual Programme period, in accordance with the Academic Calendar. Students who do not pay the full amount of any charge when due may be assessed a late payment fee of 1% of outstanding fees.


Student Account Statements and information describing billing and payment procedures are emailed before the beginning of each term. Thereafter, statements with outstanding balances will be emailed approximately three times during the term.


It is the policy of QUEST to withhold registration privileges, diplomas, certificates, administration of exams and transcripts until all financial obligations have been met. All accounts are to be brought current at least one week before sitting of exams with the exception of graduating students. Candidates for graduation are required to pay their bills in full at least one month prior to graduation.

In the event that a diploma, certificate, or transcript is withheld because of an unpaid bill, students will be required to use a certified check, money order, or cash to release any of the aforementioned documents.


Written notice of withdrawal must be received by the mid-term break of each school Term in order to avoid charges for the next Term.  Once the school Term has started there will be NO refund. If a student is dismissed and/or expelled during the school term, all outstanding tuition for that Term will still be required.


All outstanding monies owed to QUEST will be placed for collection with the Bermuda Credit Association.  All collection fees as regulated by the Bermuda Credit Association will be incurred by the parents.   


All students who withdraw will be charged a $75 Withdrawal Fee.

*Please note that the above rates are subject to

review by the QUEST Board of Governors.

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